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Welcome fest – exhibition in Alš South Bohemia Gallery

The Alš Gallery of South Bohemia has prepared a discounted admission to the interesting exhibition Freemasons in Art, Art in Freemasonry.
With the card you will pay a symbolic admission fee of 20,- CZK.
Without the card, the entrance fee is 90,- CZK.
Venue: click here

About the exhibition:
In cooperation with the Grand Lodge of the Czech Republic and the Alsha South Bohemian Gallery in České Budějovice, a unique exhibition entitled “Freemasons in Art, Art in Freemasonry” was created.

Lodges existed in Austria as early as the middle of the 18th century. The attentive viewer of the Maria Theresa series will have noticed that in one of the episodes Franz I Stephen of Lorraine confesses to being a Freemason.

However, within our countries, the first Czech, or Czechoslovak, lodge dates back to 1918, when the Jan Amos Komenský lodge was founded after the establishment of the Republic. In 1923, it was also at the birth of the National Grand Lodge of Czechoslovakia (NVLČsl), the first Czechoslovak Grand Lodge on our territory. Czech Freemasonry thus celebrates 100 years since its official foundation this year.

There have been many artists among the Masons since the beginning. In addition to personalities who did not hide their membership in the Order, such as the painter Alfons Mucha, there were also many artists who did not make their membership in Freemasonry public. Therefore, on the occasion of this important historical anniversary, we want to commemorate not only Masonic painters, graphic artists, sculptors, but also non-Masonic artists who were inspired by Freemasonry and created works that contain elements of Masonic symbolism.

The aim of the České Budějovice exhibition is to present these artists in their lesser-known form.