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Welcome fest – parade

The biggest student festival you can experience in Budweis in autumn.
Welcome fest – the student festival is an event where you can really get to know the whole Budějce, a city where everyone would like to live and study!

Information about the parade:

We start at 16:00 on the campuses of both schools. Dress up in the colours of your faculty or school and come with us in the colourful parade. Let’s let the whole city know about us.
The flag bearer at the front will show you the way. We’ll meet you at the Orchard, there’ll be a surprise waiting for you. And in the square, we can have a JU vs. VTE dance battle. It’s optional, but We’re sure there are some enthusiasts.

Bring your JBL, and play what you like.
Paint your face with the college or school logo? No problem.