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Eastern by SUJU

🎉 What can you expect?
Egg Hunt. 🥚🎁
Photopoint: Take an Easter-themed photo to remember this great event! 📸🌷
Egg Dyeing: Creative spirits will come into their own when painting eggs – we’ll show you how it’s done! 🎨🥚
Knitting pom poms: Go back to your childhood years and learn how to knit pom poms – the tradition must live on! 🌿👵
Easter disco: At the end of the day we will enjoy a disco in the Kampa Student Club, of course in Easter-style costumes! 🎶🐰
🌷 And one more good thing for the end. We have a list of gifts you can bring and make someone happy! 💖
So make a note of the date, watch for more info and come have a great time with us! 🥳🌟