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Talks&Party – Get to know student societies at JU

🎉🎓 YO YO! 🎓🎉
🌟 This is probably the most night out on campus! 🌟

🚀 Here comes the first party in the history of student life at JU that you just can’t miss! 🎉

💥 What’s in store for you? All the societies in one place! They’ll introduce you to their kick-ass activities, members and partners and there will be quizzes with bombastic prizes! 💥
Packed presentations, examples from practice etc. Erasmus, buddy system, art day, closing festival, hockey derby, religion, sports, favourite events in town, favourite clubs in town and much more! Just come and find out where it’s worth it!

💬 So you can learn about clubs EVERYWHERE! And not only that! You can even REGISTER and become a member! 🚀

👀 Do you also want to be a group that changes the world and student life? Come and find your tribe! 💪

📅 Show up on Wednesday, March 27 at 6:00 pm at Kampa!
This is a chance you can’t miss! 🎉🔥

We’ll end the night with a little party at the Kampa student club!

Entrance fee this time is only 50,- CZK with ISIC / 100,- CZK without.
Come to support us!