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Student Quiz – DreamWorks

Friends and friends, we’re here with another amazing quiz. After the sports theme comes the theme of our hearts and our childhood – fairy tales from DreamWorks. 🌙
We’ll travel with Little Boss across the swamp to see Shrek, to Blb Island to train a dragon, to Central Park to watch the bees, and we’ll end our journey at the New York Zoo. 🎒💪
Mimi the Boss, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, Mr. Bee and Madagascar are our heartthrobs that we want to share with you on November 14 at the Kampa Student Club. 😇
Join us on a journey of adventure – form a team of 4-6 people, register, come and reminisce about your childhood and compete for prizes.
We look forward to seeing you 🤩
PS: Nothing can stop us!! 🫏 🎶