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Great Gatsby Theme Party

Return to an era of great glamour and decadence at our Great Gatsby party! Take a trip with us to a time when elegance was the rage and extravagance was the norm. Book your place at our party and be prepared for an unforgettable night of luxury and fun. Most importantly, don’t forget your best period outfits! This is your chance to live like Gatsby and Daisy for one night. Don’t miss this throwback to the 1920s, when every night was a unique adventure. Whether you’re a fan of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel or simply crave tasteful company, our Great Gatsby party will be the place to meet people who share your passion for the era. Come celebrate and dance as Gatsby himself would have done!
Admission 70,- CZK with ISIC card
Admission 100,- CZK without ISIC card