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Battle for Budějce

🔥 Wazzuuuuuuup people! 🔥 Again in B&W, bigger, crazier and full of surprises! Schools against each other, faculty against each other, everyone against everyone.
Get ready for absolute madness at the biggest Battle of Budweis EVER!
This night is going to be a total blowout.
And it’s only 70,- for students of both schools!
For outsiders for a kilo!
🍹 Each drink of alcoholic / non-alcoholic means one voting token in the ballot box of your faculty, school, etc.
To make it fair for NAMAX, for the first time ever we are coming up with a new ranking system!
🎶 DJs will be throwing down fiery beats. You’re in for some mega competition that will definitely get your blood pumping!
It’s not just about the booze, we can have fun without it, that’s why we’re counting the non-alcohol, we’ll be running competitions that will add some chips to your faculty, school or team.
🔥🔥🔥This has never been done before 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Dance battle / rap battle / drinks battle / sign ups will start soon, like really!
Prizes as they should be…
Support your friends, faculty, school,
70,- CZK student with ISIC card
100,- CZK without card!