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On April 15, 2024 at SEVEN o’clock we will see you at the next fire-glowing JAMFIR. This time as part of the Artday festival, which will take place on this date from Monday to Wednesday in Kampa!

The traditional performance of our non-traditional guild will come on 15.4. classically from seven o’clock, right after the previous great program. In addition to the traditional fire pit, contests and a hell of a host, you can look forward to other special guests. This time it will be the very talented ladies who are into slamming and will show us a little SLAM FIGHT!

So come and see not only us, but the whole ARTDAY festival for a change and support the ever overflowing and diverse culture in České Budějovice. More information on social networks IG and FB, follow us so you don’t miss any news from the world of JAMFIRE!

We are looking forward to seeing you as always.

JAMFIRE – an event that is guided by you!