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Art day – festival of art 2024

🎨 Art Day Festival Umění: Where are those Insta filters! 🎨
📸 Taking selfies is old school, now let’s get serious! Our photo exhibitions will get you more than your Instagram feed!
🌍 And the paintings? Forget the boring canvas – here you see the true palette of madness and colours! 🎨
🎤 We’re rushing art and creative lectures into your brains, so enjoy! Oh, and if you want to break free a bit, you can join our workshops and try to create something with your own hands! 🧠
But now the main thing: 🎶 Music! Every night there’s a great party band, so take off your headphones and join in!
It’ll be like Spotify, but live! 🔥
We’ll post the schedule on April 2!
So what now?
Put it on your calendar, but don’t forget to share it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and everywhere else! 🗓️ Let’s create some artistic chaos together! ✨
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