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Academic Half Hours – Veronika Jílková: Vermicomposting for healthy and fertile soil

Soil is the basic source of humanity’s livelihood. However, sufficient organic matter is essential to maintain good quality and healthy soil, which provides a regular supply of nutrients to crops and manages water well thanks to its good structure. The use of vermicomposted bio-waste is one way to supply the soil with the missing organic matter and nutrients. The substrate of vermicompost is produced by processing the bio-waste by earthworms and its by-product is earthworm tea, a liquid nutrient solution. The resulting products can then be used as fertiliser for growing crops in garden beds, but also in flowerpots on balconies. As part of a citizen science study, we carried out a growing pot experiment together with residents of České Budějovice, during which we verified the beneficial effect of vermicompost substrates on the growth and fertility of tomatoes and peas. In this talk we will present the results of this study and the many advantages of vermicomposting of bio-waste.

Alš South Bohemian Gallery – Wortner House, U Černé věže 22, České Budějovice

Wednesday at 16:00.