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Studentský spolek historie FF JU

The Student History Society of the Faculty of Arts was founded in 2021 and in its first year its members organized a series of career seminars in the field of culture for students of the University of South Bohemia and the general public. The association was created as an experimental platform for students to try organising various events in the field of culture and to connect their studies with practice.

Are you interested in culture and want to try new things? Do you want to try organizing a seminar, a conference or an exhibition? Do you want to meet experts from different cultural fields? Do you want to find out what skills and knowledge you really need for your desired career in culture? If you answered YES to at least one of the questions, you've come to the right place. The JU Faculty of Arts History Student Association is a platform for students to gain new experiences, make new contacts, meet new people, and most importantly develop your ideas in a friendly environment. Throughout the year our society organizes several events for students and the public. If you are interested in our initiative and want to get involved, contact us by email or follow us on Facebook and come and join us.