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The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia

The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia was established in 2013 in connection with the success of the first introductory course for the first years. It is the largest association at the university and organizes the largest events for students in České Budějovice. The most popular events include the Welcome Semester party, Seznamovak JU, Campus Lives, Art Day and University Closing. SUJU also organizes lectures and workshops and a number of student quizzes.


Student Union of the University of South Bohemia. It creates a lot of interesting events in terms of lectures, workshops, social events, festivals and parties. An association that strives for students to enjoy their stay and study at the University of South Bohemia. You all know us, we meet every day on campus. You all know our events, which you like to go to and have fun with us. You know that you can contact us at any time with any idea and we will try to satisfy you in many things. Unfortunately, what many of you do not know and what has not yet been revealed is the functioning of the association and the individual steps that lead to the organization of events, when you see only the final result. Regular meetings The association has a weekly meeting for one hour, often more. The first point of the meeting is the composition of upcoming events and the division of responsibilities. Furthermore, the main coordinator of the previous event will always reserve a few pros, cons and also improvements in the future.

Realization of events for students

Unfortunately, nothing is just about picking up the phone! Each event has its exact rules and individual steps, which it cannot do without. At each meeting of the association, we put together a coordination team led by the main coordinator, who manages and implements the individual events. Each member will then be in charge of a job that has a precise deadline. It can be work such as preparing decorations, providing space or refreshments, grouping questions for quizzes and subsequent preparation of presentations. This job is not just for a week, it takes a lot of time and one person does not put it together. THAT'S WHY WE ARE A TEAM!

Membership is voluntary

Each student who joins the association will do so only of their own free will. Other reasons may vary. Meet new people, self-realization, get new opportunities, learn new things and much more.

Benefits of membership

The advantage of being a member of an association is not financially evaluated, but it has many advantages. E.g. the fact that you are constantly at the center of events, influencing student life at the University of South Bohemia and realizing what you want. Due to the fact that we work closely with the JU marketing department, it may happen that the JU will contact you directly for the implementation of education fairs, etc. You will receive an extraordinary scholarship, university merchandise, etc. At the same time, you have a better chance of getting to Seznamovák where we need capable people and team members.

SUJU prepares a number of trainings for its members and there is also an annual teambuilding.

You don't have to be afraid of us

We are students and we are all equal. We have everyday problems like everyone else, we solve studies and a lot of other things. And most of all we are people! So if you see us sitting somewhere, don't be afraid to come to us and have fun with us! We will not bite your heads, and most of all we like to meet new people Your SUJU ♥

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