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ESN USB Budweis

Erasmus Student Network USB Budweis is a student association at the University of South Bohemia. The association has about 15 members across faculties and grades who lead various activities and about 40 students who are so-called buddies for a foreign student. This association was founded in 2019 by connecting the long-running International Student Club of the University of South Bohemia (ISC USB) to the largest European non-profit student network Erasmus Student Network.

Our activity:

We do what we enjoy and thanks to that we have a lot of great experiences that we would find hard to get anywhere else. We want international students to enjoy their Erasmus to the full, so we help them with their first steps at university. To better introduce them to Czech culture and history, we organize trips, cultural evenings, parties, sports events and much more.

Our goals:

Voluntary help for foreign students Improving mutual intercultural understanding Integration of foreign students in the Czech environment Enabling students to get to know Czech culture through trips, cultural and educational events Providing its own members the opportunity to develop their experience and skills by participating in the running of the association and further expanding their knowledge by participating in workshops, trainings, training seminars and other similar events.

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