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Budweis Bigfoots – Quadball team

We are mostly Budějovice people who like sports and the world of Harry Potter. If we combine these two things together, we get what we all subconsciously know - a game called Famfrpál (Quadball).

We have been operating in České Budějovice since 2018, when we first flew out on brooms during the summer to the city park Stromovka. It took us some time to learn how to play by the international rules. However, the passion for the game drove us on and now we make Quadball more accessible to everyone. We do not look at appearance, age, athletic ability, skin color, gender or sexual orientation. We promote equality of perception in all these aspects, as well as the opportunity to have fun. We work not only as team but also as a friends. We are not just Potterheads, we are fun-loving people who are not afraid to sweat. Come to join a group of friends and see it with your own eyes.

Why is it good to play for Budweis Bigfoots?

Above all, you will gain a lot of experience, stamina and the opportunity to make your mark in a developing sport. You will meet many cool people, visit many cities and states as part of tournaments. In the end you will definitely find out that it's easier than it looks.

Training sessions

Twice a week you can meet us in the city park Stromovka, mostly during afternoon hours. We try to train as the number of players, the modified surface and the weather allow. We agree on training sessions by democratic voting according to time availabalities for each of us, so you do not have to worry that it won't be happening at all.


What you have to take to training?
Actually, not much - good shoes (preferably football boots), sports clothes (which you don't mind getting dirty), enough water and desire to play. We will lend the accessories, explain and teach the rest.

Membership fees

We do not charge any fees for joining the team. If you would like to contribute for operating of the team, we will be more than happy. We will use the funds, for example, to buy sports equipment or to pay the necessary costs for promotion and administration of the team.


How to play Quadball?

If we described everything about the rules of the game you would have no reason to come. Then come, have a look and try it right away!


Follow us on IG and on FB, or contact us via e-mail: budweis@quidditch.cz