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About us

The University of South Bohemia is home to a number of student societies and initiatives that organise a variety of activities on campus, in the city and in the surrounding area. Student societies organise various events such as festivals, concerts, lectures, sporting events, charity collections and many other events that are closely connected with student life at USB.

Student life at the university is varied, full of experiences and legendary events. There are student associations that organize events such as festivals, concerts, lectures and workshops. This portal  is intended for these associations, where associations can publish their articles, activities and events. If you are a student who is trying to establish an association or some interesting group organizing all kinds of events, just contact us and we can help you.

The most attended events during the academic Year are the Hockey Derby between USB and VŠTE, Campus Is Alive, Art Day arts festival, University Closer music festival, the Food Festival and the regular Welcome Semester parties. International days are organised every semester with students from all over the world who present their countries, cultures and traditions through various activities. Student societies also organise very successful lectures. In the past, lectures at the University of South Bohemia have been given by Jan Kraus, Kazma, Petr Ludvig and others.

The biggest event for first-year students is the USB Freshers’ Course organised by the Student Union of the University of South Bohemia. The course is intended for students of all faculties and is designed so that the incoming students get to know each other and enjoy many team building and sports activities. More information about the Freshers’ can be found here.

The Summer Camp, which has already had several successful runs, is another new event for current students. The event is also organised by students in higher years, mostly from the Student Union.