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What? All new students have to get a student identification card (ID card).
My name is Yves and I´ll tell more.

15:10, 30/06/2022

Why? The student ID card gives you access to the university buildings and also allows you to use services at the university (refectory, printing and copying, library) as well as discounts at several stores, restaurants, etc.….depending on the type.


Types? There are two types of student ID cards.

1. Basic student ID card

This is an identity card enabling only the use of services within the University – for students of the combined or full-time form of study.

Fee: 80 CZK

2. International Student Identity card (ISIC Card)

This is an international ISIC card licensed by USB and GTS ALIVE ltd, an internationally accepted proof of bona fide student status. It is available only for full-time students and must be regularly/yearly renewed. On top of the basic USB card functions stated, it also allows you to get student discounts for transport, restaurants, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, concerts, and different shopping.

Fee: 270 CZK

Where? It is issued after lodging an application to the Student Affairs Office of the relevant Faculty / Institute, or the Helpdesk Department. It can be submitted on enrolment to the first year of study at USB as well.


How long? 4 days after receiving the payment and entering the user into the USB information system, Active within 24 hours after its issue.

More info: http://helpdesk.jcu.cz/sluzby/idkarta

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