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Journeying more than 350 years back through Hluboká castle

Could you believe that just 15 minutes from Ceske Budejovice, we have access to one of the most beautiful castles of the Czech Republic? On the 14th of October, the Erasmus students were immersed into the beauty of Hluboká...

11:52, 25/10/2023

We’re used to believing that beautiful things are hard to find, but if you’re currently spending your semester in Ceske Budejovice, trust me, you’re closer to them than you thought. Indeed, the Erasmus Student Network accompanied us through an unforgettable trip, and this time, we got the opportunity to make a trip to Hluboká nad Vltavou.

In addition to the beautiful natural environment that the city offers, Hluboká nad Vltavou is also known for having an emblematic castle older than 300 years now. It even was the 3rd most visited castle back in 2019. What I liked the most about Hluboká are its elegant England style and the royal aesthetics that made me think about a Disney princess movie. Every corner of the castle is so meticulously designed that I was breathless at the first sight of it.

Of course, the charm of the castle is not limited to its walls; you can explore the garden which even leads to an amazing park. For those who enjoy relaxing in nature, you will definitely find happiness here. It’s perfect for a small walk or a picnic with your friends.

If you’re already looking forward to going to Hluboká just with the outside pictures, let me tell you that you’re not ready for the interior castle and its immaculate décor. Indeed, you will find many artworks, tapestries or even furniture from the 17th century related to the Schwarzenberg family, who owned the castle from 1661 until 1947. Even though pictures weren’t allowed inside, the different halls and rooms will be etched in my mind forever. Bedrooms, playrooms, library, chapels, etc… all of them were like a time machine where you could witness the luxury lifestyle of nobles and get deeply into historical events. If you appreciate making new memories and seeking new experiences that transcend our main generation, you know what you have to do now!


Author: Agnès Nguele Donatella (USB Erasmus Ambassador)

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