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Double degree Biological Chemistry programme

Hi! Maria and Linda USB Ambassadors speaking here – we are current master’s students in the double degree Biological Chemistry programme. Let us tell you more about our studies!

16:29, 05/09/2022


You may have heard about double degree programmes, but you are not quite sure about what is it and what it actually looks like from a student perspective? We are hoping this article will make it clear 🙂 A double degree is a hugely beneficial programme, in which you will be able to simultaneously study at two universities and receive two diplomas from both universities, being enrolled in only one well-organized programme.

The Biological Chemistry double degree programme is a graduate programme, based on the undergraduate degree – Bachelor’s degree in Biological Chemistry. However, the master’s programme is more flexible and you can apply even if you didn’t do your bachelor’s in the exact same field. Most biology, genetics, and chemistry-oriented bachelor’s are fine for enrolling in the Biological Chemistry master’s programme, and you can always make sure about admission requirements on the Faculty of Science website, or by contacting the student affairs office.

Thanks to its curriculum, job opportunities after Biological Chemistry are very diverse. You can count on job offers in the pharmacy-oriented field, chemical engineering, molecular biology, and even medical research. You also can continue your studies by applying to the Ph.D. programme. Sounds promising, right? 🙂



The whole programme is designed for 2.5 years (5 semesters) and 150 ECTS. This programme consists of two big fields, taught at two different universities. The first and the most fundamental one is organic chemistry, held at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. Theoretical and applied parts are perfectly balanced together, allowing students to not only get deep fundamental knowledge but also experience hands-on techniques. Here you will be taught to think critically and work independently, and those skills will take an honorary part in your CV.

The second part of the study is biology, which is held at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. Here you will be able to pick two from three available study modules, focused either on biological systems, molecular and developmental biology, or structural biology techniques. All courses cover the majority of necessary skills, which are required to work in top-notch laboratories.

At both universities, you also will be able to pick from a huge variety of elective courses. You can either go with supportive courses in intersecting fields from other faculties, enhance your soft skills, or even improve your language skills. Speaking about the last one, both universities offer to learn Czech or German language from native speakers, to ease your stay in a foreign country and help you to integrate easily after your studies.


One of the main parts of a master’s degree is writing a master’s thesis. During your studies, you will be able to choose if you would like to perform your research at USB or JKU, or even combined on both sides. Each option has its benefits. For example, at the University of South Bohemia, you may find a thesis offer in cooperation with the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Science, located right on campus. At Johannes Kepler University, you may be interested in a technical chemistry-related thesis, offered to be written with the cooperation of a chemistry or pharmaceutical company. If can’t decide on a particular option, you also may find projects split between USB and JKU research groups and perform your work on both sides in the framework of one thesis theme. Based on my own experience, I can guarantee you one of the best supervisors that you could think of! You’ll never be left alone with your difficulties, supervisors and professors are always available to help you on your way and point in the right direction. Honestly, this is a part that is very often neglected by students while choosing a degree programme and it’s a great shame. Without a responsive leader, your thesis work may turn out from interesting learning into a nightmare.


Campus life in Linz/Budweis

The JKU Linz and USB are vibrant places of acknowledged reputation for excellent scientific research and teaching. You are able to stay in constant contact with the professors because online learning is limited. The dormitories are clean, good, affordable and the staff are nice and friendly. The campus life at these two universities will provide you countless opportunities to meet new people, listen to distinguished lecturers, nourish your talent and become involved with the community and various student organization while living in the exciting cities of Linz and Ceske Budejovice during your period of studies of Biological Chemistry. Everything on campus is interconnected and conducive; the library, Menza (Refectory), classrooms and even the bus stops where you can board buses to different parts of the city are close to the campus. The university environment is so good and most importantly safe.


This is one of the interesting parts of the programme. One can decide, with permission of course, where to start the master’s programme, it could be in Linz or Budweis. Normally, the first part of the year should be in Linz before you proceed to Budweis but you have to let the appropriate authorities know where you want to start your studies before you proceed.


This double degree programme allows one to embark on the cross-border studies to the JKU Linz by using a scholarship (Erasmus scholarship). This scholarship programme is a great opportunity for you to live new experiences, whether you choose to study or do an internship abroad. This scholarship experience in Linz will allow you to understand how teaching methods differ from country to country and that will probably help you learn with those differences and start looking at things from a different perspective.

This scholarship will help you to have even better life so that you are able to pay your rent and have fewer worries and be able to study well and pass.


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