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The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia

We closed this semester with FRIENDS.

The evening of 13 May was in the spirit of the popular American sitcom Friends.

17:32, 21/05/2024

For a brief moment we all had the chance to be transported to Greenwich Village, New York, thanks to the great atmosphere that the Rockle Club helped create, for which we are very grateful.

The quiz, consisting of six rounds – each dedicated to one of the main characters – contained a total of 48 questions.The fight for the title of the winner was really exciting, as the score difference was not very big almost the whole time. At one point there were even four teams fighting for second place. Who would have the knowledge advantage, redeemed by the hours spent with the famous six friends, started to show only after the fourth, very tricky round.

By the last round, both first and second place were clear. It was shared between the teams, but two teams were vying for third, and so it was the turn of the shootout. The winning three teams were in the following order:

1st place – Unagi

2nd place – Qingzhong

3rd place – Yemenis

Congratulations to the winners, and we wish the losers at least good luck in love, or in our next quizzes, which we look forward to seeing you at soon. Once again, we would like to conclude by thanking everyone who contributed to the great atmosphere of the quizzes.

SUJU team.

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