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The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia

Duel for Budějce

The K2 Club became the arena of an extraordinary clash that brought the audience into a state of euphoria and amazement. The night from 24th to 25th April was full of competitions, music and thrilling moments.

15:31, 26/04/2024

It was clear from the beginning of the evening that the students could look forward to an unforgettable experience. The first part of the evening was dedicated to various competitions that properly explored the talent and determination of students from different faculties. We kicked things off with a beer drinking competition through a straw, where the College of Technology and Economics took the honours. This was followed by a beer drinking competition without using their own hands, which was also sovereignly dominated by a team from the College of Technology and Economics. However, the real highlight of the evening was the following two competitions.

From the very first beats of the music, it was clear that the audience could look forward to a stunning performance. The rap battle was one of the highlights of the evening, with a representative from the Faculty of Education wowing the audience with his catchy lyrics and quickness on the beat. His performance, full of passion and originality, showed that rap is not only a genre of music but also a means of expressing ideas and emotions.

Afterwards, a dance battle ignited on the dance floor, bringing another wave of enthusiasm and amazement. The Faculty of Education once again showed its dominance as its students captivated the entire club with their dancing skills. Her synchronized moves and energetic performance proved that dance is not only a way of expression but also a means of bringing people together and sharing joy.

The whole evening was accompanied by a great music mix by DJ Mistegal, which kept the atmosphere at its peak and the audience on the dance floor really heated up. However, the main highlight of the evening was the battle for Budějce itself, where the different faculties competed in drinking alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and finding who could last the longest. 

In the end, the Faculty of Theology won the thrilling battle with a whopping 114 drinks for 7 people. In second place was the Faculty of Health and Social Sciences with an impressive 174 drinks per 13 people and in third place was the Faculty of Education with a total of 264 drinks per 48 people. Naturally, the results of this epic battle were averaged to ensure fairness for all involved. 

The whole evening was a unique proof that student life in Budweis still has a lot to offer. It was an event that united students across faculties and brought unforgettable memories and new friendships into their lives. Whether you are a fan of competition, good music or simply having fun, the Battle of Budějce at the K2 club was a place where all these elements met and created an unforgettable evening full of joy and enthusiasm.

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