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The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia

Pirate experience at the Kampa Student Club

On 29 February, the Kampa Student Club was transformed into a space where reality mixed with the fiction of the legendary film world of Pirates of the Caribbean.

10:03, 30/04/2024

This unusual evening belonged to a quiz that brought a dose of adventure and competitive spirit to Budějovice.
The organizers provided an authentic decoration of the Kampa, which transported the participants directly into the world of Jack Sparrow and his crew on board the legendary ship Black Pearl. The exquisitely crafted details and the atmosphere of adventure added a special charm to the whole event. 
The quiz itself consisted of five rounds, each with ten questions. The participants engaged in a battle full of twists and surprises, with their passion and competitiveness creating an incredibly exciting atmosphere. All the teams tried to achieve the best possible results. However, the second and third places were decided by a shoot-out, which added even more drama to the competition. The winner was team Kalypso, who proved to be the most skilled and knowledgeable crew.
The whole evening showed that the quiz can be much more than just fun. It was able to bring people together, offer them a memorable experience and provide a space to share their knowledge and passions. Hopefully, events like this will continue to enliven the cultural scene and bring joy to all adventurous spirits. 

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