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Merch vol.II

How can the combination of the wild merch JAMFIRE and the peaceful student microbrewery Čtyrák turn out? See for yourself! But for us, it\\\'s a total bomb and the clothing market should be shaking with fear!!!

10:22, 23/04/2024

We’ve teamed up with the student microbrewery Four and its beautiful space. The result is fabulous and we from the JAMFIRE student association thank you!

Jamfire merch vol.II brings new opportunities to tune in. The Black & White edition of the gimmick has been out for a while now. But new are the sweatshirts in question, which exist in two colorways with two logo variations.

You can find the visuals on our social networks FB and IG (here in the selections and individual product prices).

By buying a merch you will support our association 100% and at least get a good workout at the end of this semester! Plus, everything is made with love, ECO and handmade.

Thank you for your great support.
JAMFIRE – thank you for having us!

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