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The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia

Kampus žije!

A two-day festival full of lectures, music, food and drink that scored again.

13:49, 16/02/2022

18.10.2019 – The first day of the festival started with a lecture by NoTentMan alias Matěj K. about his journey beyond the Arctic Circle. A native of Příbram, who one day decided to make an adventurous journey across Europe on foot and without a tent, and that is what he came to share with us. Matěj went through an ordeal where he could only rely on himself and hope for help from the locals. It was really interesting to hear how every country is different in culture, but there are a few good souls everywhere who are willing to host a stranger in their home. His explanation along with the photo presentation was really amazing.

This was followed by a lecture called Innocently About Wine, where attendees learned quite a bit about how to actually distinguish wines, that color and quality are two great opposites. They were also introduced to the world of labels and how to choose a good French wine according to them. Katya M., an experienced sommelier, who happens to be a member of our Student Union, guided the students through all this and brought a lot of new and very surprising information to the room in her speech. After the lecture came the tasting, under the guidance of Mark S., a specialist in quality and tasty wines, who presented the individual wines from the tasting menu and complemented them with his humour.

Throughout the afternoon, those interested could also get a henna tattoo from the experienced and sympathetic tattoo artist Neira Lohikäärme, who fulfilled everyone’s wishes and transferred their fantasies, at least for a few days, onto their skin.

October 16, 2019 – Hardly anyone had time to absorb all the information and impressions from the previous day and they were already moving on. The second day belonged entirely to the artists of the various bands, which kicked off with The Maso. A bunch of five South Bohemians who are not afraid to turn it up anywhere, and so it was on the meadow of our Campus. The energy radiated from them to the students in the dorms and they got everyone’s hips rocking side to side.

The Children’s Room, this band performs at many Student Union events and Campus Alive!!!was no different. A bunch of six guys with catchy songs, amazing chemistry and beautiful smiles, they really made everyone happy with their performance.

The band After Hours also gave us their show. A four-piece band focused mainly on the classic sound of the 60s and 70s, combined with pop melodies from the 90s. Their powerful tunes brought in a lot of new viewers and got the blood pumping in our slightly frozen limbs.

The highlight of the evening was the Brno band MUCHA. Perhaps there is no one here who does not know the eccentric and sometimes provocative lyrics of singer-songwriter Nikola Muchová. Unfortunately, due to technical problems, her concert lasted only a few minutes. But Mucha did not disappoint her fans and played her performance without the help of electricity and sound. Despite these complications, their performance was absolutely perfect and we are very happy that the band did not give up.

On both days, refreshments in the form of grilled sausages and ermine from the great grill masters of the Student Union were prepared for the festival participants. Finally, we would like to wish all students good luck for the new academic year, lots of good academic results and thank you for the great participation and support at the Campus Alive Festival!

Your SUJU ♥

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