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The biggest Halloween party in České Budějovice.

10:44, 16/02/2022

The clock struck eight o’clock on the twenty-ninth day of October, 2021, and a festive Halloween parade full of masks marched out of the K1 dormitory with one goal in mind. Club K2 České Budějovice.

Of course, we didn’t let all those beautiful masks go thirsty during the journey, so we were accompanied by none other than the Jägermeister Halloween Hostess and with them the Redbull Halloween Hostess, who cannot be missed at any student union event. Halfway through, there was the first announcement of the best parade costume contest, which was won by the killer clown as he wowed everyone with his mask.

At the finish line, the masks were already waiting for the K2 airbar and Jäger tent in the decorated party tent area, and DJ Buldog (Red Bull 3Style), DJ Ramel (Prago Union), DJ Diabetes (New Generation) and DJ Bear (Procit) were behind the decks, getting the masks to do some extraordinary dance creations.

The second award for the best costume of the night was held right in the club, which was won by ….

The entire K2 club and party tent was decorated in a Halloween theme, which boosted the whole atmosphere a few notches higher. The event was very well attended, with all attendees arriving in the prescribed dress code. The creativity of the students, was truly an amazing spectacle and thank you for being loyal to our events, because without you, they wouldn’t be as great! Yours SUJU! ♥

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