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Festival Artday 2020

On 2 and 3 March 2020, the third edition of the art festival called ArtDay took place.

15:32, 25/01/2022

On 2 and 3 March 2020, the third edition of the art festival called ArtDay took place. The festival was attended by several students who presented their work to the visitors of the Kampa Student Club for two days.

The first day was opened with the work of Nikola Lněničková, who read several short stories to the audience on the theme of platonic love in every girl’s age. Nikola gave an amazing speech and her work entertained all the attendees.

The reading was followed by a discussion with street art artist V. Happy Horvath, who exhibited a vernissage entitled Now and Here. The conversation with him was very interesting and none of us wanted it to end because he accurately captured the meaning of his art and showed everyone how important it is to live in the moment. Next in the art section was Michaela Soukeníková, an artist who, among other things, is a textile painter, which she also exhibited. The large tiger head on the back of her denim jacket captivated everyone.

And what would a festival be without workshops? For the rest of the afternoon, students and festival-goers could enroll in several workshops. One of them was action painting under the guidance of Kateřina Musilová. Here not a single foot or hand was left dry, because we involved our limbs in action painting and brushes were a foreign word to us. At the same time there was a dream catcher workshop with the artist Gabriela Kostkova, who deals with many directions of art and shared her drawing with us, which was on display throughout the week.

Music! A well-known singer from the Jindřichův Hradec region accepted our invitation to play. Fabian Berka, a singer-songwriter who takes inspiration for his work mainly from his love life, unleashed a beautiful and romantic atmosphere throughout the club and had most couples dancing. The last act of the day was The Maso, who performed at the Student Union event for the second time and we hope this collaboration lasts as we don’t want to miss out on such a great energy that they relay to the crowd, once again they were amazing.

The second day of ArtDay kicked off with another author’s work, but this time with a student from the Faculty of Arts who has already published one collection with his own imprint called Philoposia. Richard Maršák enriched his reading by involving the audience, which was absolutely perfect and everyone had a great time. He was followed by the work of Evelína Kolářová, who mainly writes prose, not only in Czech but also in English, and her works have been awarded several literary prizes. Then students Magdaléna Šipka and Zuzana Urbanová presented their work.

On this day, the workshop was again taken over by Gabriela Kostková, who this time helped the students with the production of bracelets made of natural stones and minerals.

This year we enriched the festival with a small student quiz, which consisted of only ten questions, but was mainly for the amusement of the participants, which in our eyes fulfilled its purpose.

The only dance performance we could see at the festival was a streetdance with contemp connection performed by Ivan Valchkov. Furthermore, Ivan created portraits for the interested participants throughout the two days.

The whole ArtDay festival ended with a group of great musicians performing a jam. Well-known songs made the whole club sing and the entertainment was really taken care of. The band played for several hours straight and no one wanted them to end.

Throughout the two days, the Kampa Student Club was filled with students and public visitors, which made us very happy and we hope that such a large turnout will continue in the coming years.

We enjoyed this year’s ArtDay to the fullest and we would like to thank all the artists for entrusting us with their works and continuing to present them, as well as all the musicians for guaranteeing us entertainment until the wee hours of the morning. And of course we don’t want to forget the writers who made sure to put smiles on our faces.


Your SUJU! ♥

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