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The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia

Exchange of textbooks

With a new semester comes new courses and books to be replaced...

21:19, 25/01/2022

With a new semester comes new courses and books to be replaced. But why throw them away? We’ll make the most of them! Why buy new ones? We’ll give you nice ones too.

The textbook exchange was held for two days. …. When our members, in the library of the University of South Bohemia, collected from students their unwanted textbooks, which they then kept and in exactly one week …., offered and sold them to inquiring students at the same place.

This year, the Faculty of Economics again led in both supply and demand for textbooks. Unfortunately, the other faculties were not so overwhelming in their numbers. But of course that doesn’t matter, what we didn’t make this year we can improve next time.

With that, we thank all the students who contributed their books to the book exchange and those who came to buy books from us, and we will be glad if you remain loyal to us next year.

Your SUJU ♥


Ps.: Another book exchange on the horizon.

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