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The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia

Beer pong by SUJU

Two tables, several teams, a few ping pong balls and an evening of fun.

20:01, 05/04/2024

On Thursday 21 March, the second edition of the popular Beer Pong tournament took place. This time 14 teams joined the battle for glory and valuable trophies. The teams were always composed of two brave players who decided to come and try their luck in this specific game.
The beer pong evening was all about enjoying with friends and the amazing atmosphere. From the very first rounds, you could feel the excitement and competitive spirit of all the participants. The teams tried to play their best, to concentrate and not to miss any of the cups. They all came to win, but only one could win.
After a tough and balanced competition, the team Ratatuj počekaj – Ondřej Š. and Dominik K. came out on top and became the winner of the tournament. Their strong will, precision and strategy led them to triumph, capturing the big cup and other valuable prizes. The announcement was made in an incredible atmosphere with thunderous applause.
Thanks to all involved, and who knows, maybe we will soon see the third edition, which will once again stir the passion and competitive spirit of all fans of the game.

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