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The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia

Art Day: the Festival of Art at the University of South Bohemia

The annual Art Day festival is a traditional event organized by the Student Union of the University of South Bohemia.

10:55, 19/04/2024

The event brings together art, creativity and sharing of ideas. This year’s edition, held from 15 to 17 April, brought innovations and extensions, as for the first time in its history it took place for a total of three days.

Art Day is not just a space to showcase artwork but a comprehensive event that offers a wide range of activities for students and the public. When you enter the Kampa Student Club, you enter a world of colours, shapes and emotions. Every corner, every wall and every nook is filled with artworks that tell a story. Photographs, paintings, literature or sculptures – everything has its place and every visitor has the opportunity to immerse themselves in these stories. But Art Day is not just about static art.

It is also about interaction, discussion and education. Workshops, lectures and discussion panels allow students and visitors to delve into the depths of the artistic process and discover new perspectives. The exhibitions were also available in the JU Academic Library.

And what would a festival be without music and entertainment? Art Day evenings were filled with energy and melodies that appealed to all the senses. Jamming as part of Jamfire on the opening day brought live music, spontaneous dancing and competitions to the club. This was followed by a performance by up-and-coming singer Emaya and a final musical surprise in the form of everyone’s favourite karaoke. The event was rounded off with an energetic performance by the band William, winners of the local UniBand Contest. The end belonged to the singer’s Láska.

Art Day is not just about art, but about connecting people. It’s a space for sharing ideas, meeting with inspiring personalities and building community. This year’s three-day festival confirmed the importance of art in the life of the university and the wider region and showed that the younger generation still has much to offer. Next year’s already looks set to be full of promise and anticipation, whether it’s new artistic talent, inspiring lectures or great music. Art Day is not just another event – it’s an experience of a lifetime.

Thank you to our event partners:

University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice
City of České Budějovice
Budějovický Budvar
Student Life Portal
Kampa Student Club
Academic Library of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice

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