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TOTÁLNÍ NASAZENÍ – Lucerna Tour 2023 – Oslava 33 let

Totální nasazení – Lucerna Tour 2023

A commemorative tour of the band Totální nasazení to celebrate their “Christ years”.
Six concert stops, more than two hours of performances, when not only the current line-up of band, but also most of the former members who have passed through Slánská formation during the incredible 33 years of its existence. You can look forward to, for example, the original drummer Ing. Pipa, Mister Šukec, Honzik Orthober and others.
The whole tour will be conceived as a memory of the concert in Prague’s “big” Lucerna, and on this occasion the band will bring with them an LP, CD and DVD called Totální nasazení v Lucerně. This new “lajvko” will be released on October 1, 2023.
A small gift for loyal fans is the possibility to buy the “cheapest” ticket for a selected concert directly at our merch tent at one of the summer open air events, where Totally Nasazení performs for a minimum price of 200 CZK (lower than the standard presale or directly on the spot).
25.11. ČESKÉ BUDĚJOVICE / mcFabrika
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