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Pavel Čadek – Steppenwolf tour

Pavel Čadek is a singer-songwriter accompanying himself on the cello. He became known to listeners as the opening act for Pokáč, Xindel X, Petr Bende, Bára Poláková, Jelen and others… Among his most famous songs are the humorous songs 30 (duet with Pokáč), Breasts (duet with Michal Horák by Pan Fenek), I’m not running, She ran away with my ajt’ák and Nelajkla mi status. However, her repertoire also includes a number of serious or sentimental songs, and so the whole range of emotions often changes during her concerts.

In October 2023, she will release her third album Stepni wolf, which has been two years in the making and to which fans have contributed more than 400,000 CZK in a crowdfunding campaign on Donio. Now he’s going on tour with the album and at the concert you will be able to hear songs from this new album, which are quite different in character and sound from the previous ones.