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Red Dwarf (RED DWARF) – Special Quiz

Red Dwarf crew reporting arrival at the Rockle Club 🙂
The quiz for one of the greatest sci-fi comedy series rolls around again !!!
55 questions surrounding the best flight team await you on Tuesday night.
The fates of your favourite characters such as Rimmer , Kryten, Cat and Lister deserve to be recalled and the team that is the most skilful will have the honour of making our Rockle history.
You’ve got what it takes to be a true and best Red Dwarf fan, or you’ll end up frozen for a million years.
Come to Rockle to crush the competition 🙂
The Spring Quiz League will be a set of themed quizzes you’ve been wishing for.
Every Tuesday a new topic will be waiting for you which we have drawn from your wishes.
We will tally up your points from each round you participate in and carry them forward to the next round.
Collect points from each theme round and raise the winning trophy at the end of spring.
OPENING : 18:00
QUIZ START : approx. 19:15
ENTRY FEE : 50 CZK/person