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Overview of student unions at the University of South Bohemia.


The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia

The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia

The Student Union of the University of South Bohemia was established in 2013 in connection with the success of the first introductory course for the first years. It is the largest association at the university and organizes the largest events for students in České Budějovice. The most popular events include the Welcome Semester party, Seznamovak JU, Campus Lives, Art Day and University Closing. SUJU also organizes lectures and workshops and a number of student quizzes.

Ladislav Hadrbolec



Seznamovák JU

Seznamovák JU

736 726 433


Are you entering freshman year? Then don\'t hesitate and come with us to Seznamovák. In addition to getting to know your school, finding out how it works and learning with IS STAG, we have a breathtaking program ready for you. Jump from the bridge, bumperball, zumba, show Na stojáka, water football and great teambuilding are a matter of course. You will experience all this and much more in four days on Vranovská beach.

ESN USB Budweis

ESN USB Budweis

Erasmus Student Network USB Budweis is a student association at the University of South Bohemia. The association has about 15 members across faculties and grades who lead various activities and about 40 students who are so-called buddies for a foreign student. This association was founded in 2019 by connecting the long-running International Student Club of the University of South Bohemia (ISC USB) to the largest European non-profit student network Erasmus Student Network.

Klub absolventů Jihočeské univerzity

Klub absolventů


Klub absolventů Jihočeské univerzity

The USB Alumni Club offers its members other informational, educational, cultural and social events and is intended for all those who have successfully completed their studies at JU within the offered bachelor\\\'s, master\\\'s and doctoral degree programmes.

Univerzitní křesťanské hnutí (UKH)

We are a group of Christian students studying at the University of South Bohemia.

Budweis Bigfoots – Quadball team

Budweis Bigfoots


We are mostly Budějovice people who like sports and the world of Harry Potter. If we combine these two things together, we get what we all subconsciously know - a game called Famfrpál (Quadball).